Thick Mesh Strand Necklace with Textured Magnetic Clasp


black nickel | rhodium clasp
rhodium | gold clasp
gold | rhodium clasp
antique brass | gold clasp
antique copper | rhodium clasp
  • thick strand mesh necklace with beaded texture magnetic clasp electroplated with either 14-karat gold, rhodium, black nickel, antique copper, or antique brass
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  • Yes, how do I clean my meshed necklace? It looks tarnished & don’t know what to use to clean it? Can I send you a photo

    Hello and thank you for your inquiry.
    Check this the link below.  Perhaps it is a good place to start.
    YOu can absolutely send the piece back to us to look at.

    Replating and cleaning costs vary depending on the piece.
    Typically Replating costs $10 plus shipping.

    Hope this helps!
    Erica Zap Designs